WAPA-RMR (WACM) & Basin Electric Power Coop (BEPC)

On September 30, 2003 at 2:00 PM MDT  the RMAO WACM and BEPC OASIS nodes moved to the OATI WACM OASIS.

Under WACM’s OATI OASIS node, Western Area Power Administration, Rocky Mountain Region Office is marketing the transmission system of the following four entities:
Western Area Power Administration Loveland Area Project Transmission (LAPT)
Western Area Power Administration Colorado River Storage Project Transmission (CRCM)
Basin Electric Power Cooperative, Inc. Transmission in Western Interconnection (BEPW)
Common Use System Transmission in Black HillsSouth Dakota (BHBE)


All information on transmission requests and current reservations on the RMAO were migrated to the OATI node.

WACM and Basin OASIS transmission customers can find information on the registration process for the OATI OASIS site at: http://www.oatioasis.com/

Questions on the registration process should be sent to support@oatiinc.com, or the OATI Help Desk may be contacted directly at (763) 201-2020.

For additional information please contact:

Mr. Raymond Vojdani, WACM OASIS Administrator at (970)461-7379