OASIS Notice

WPE Transition to new OASIS Site


As of 2:00 p.m. MDT June 25, 2003, the WPE OASIS site has moved from the RMAO OASIS node to the OATI OASIS Node


The address of the OATI OASIS is www.oatioasis.com.


Transmission customers must register their company and request user accounts on the OATI OASIS.  In order to register as an OASIS user, registration must first be secured with the OATI webCARESTM system.  Instructions for the webCARESTM registration are in the document posted on the OATI OASIS home page.  Users must be registered in OATI webOASISTM by the security officer of their company.  The OASIS security officer may be the same person as the OATI webCARESTM security officer, or may be another person designated by the company.


The following steps are required to register as a user on the OATI webOASISTM system.

1.Register with OATI webCARESTM by following the instructions in the OATI webCARESTM registration document.

2.Register your company with OATI by completing the OATI webOASIS Company Registration Form.  Email the form to support@oati.net.

3.Register your users with OATI by completing the OATI webOASIS User Registration Form.  Email the form to support@oati.net

4.The OATI Support staff will process the requests during business hours (M-F 8:00 AM 5:00 PM CT).


For additional information please contact:

WPE OASIS Administrator - Alan Myers @ 816-969-8949

OATI Help Desk - Questions on the registration process should be sent to support@oati.net, or contact the support personnel directly at (763) 201-2020.