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Miscellaneous Information

General Discovery Request No. CPUC36-4

Chambers 230/115 kv Transmission Intertie Project Delay

Denver Terminal-Dakota-Arapahoe 230kV Transmission Project Delay

LCRP Implications of the PTC Extension Through December 2005

2004 Renewable RFP Curtailment Analysis

Tot-7 Historical Flows (Updated May 23, 2005)

LCRP Implications for a Chambers Project Delay

LCRP Transmission Mitigation for a Chambers Project Delay

General Audit Request No. 16-1 through 16-6
(Docket NO. 05A-161E)

Wind Integration Study Report Of Existing and Potential
2003 Least Cost Resource Plan Wind Generation

Tot-2A TRM Study For Year 2006

Update on Transmission Projects From
PSCo's Annual Progress Report 2003 LCP (filed 2006)

Green Valley Voltage Profile (May 2005 - April 2006)

PSCo Outage History Western Colorado

Pawnee-Smoky Hill 345KV Conductor Comparison

Lamar Sub-Region Interconnection Studies Delay

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